Head First

Life is funny. We get to where we are meant to be going in a roundabout way. Maybe people who seem to be going in a straight line would say the same thing. In any case, it seems to be true that things happen for a reason. Let me rephrase that: Things happen and give us a reason.

This is it. So many hurdles, losses and changes, yet some driving force remains, perseverance kicks in and a path unfolds. While it appears to be a struggle at first, in hindsight it is as smooth as fresh water at sunrise. There is struggle only when we resist, or when we force things. It can take half a lifetime to realize that not forcing things is the sure way to make room for them to unfold.

I’ve been writing for business for over two years. This showed up in my life naturally, during an unforeseen change of career and other changing circumstances. Anyone with a clear vision would have suggested I write for myself. It was not time. An ancient saying suggests, “The teacher will arrive when the student is ready.” Often, the teacher is not a person, but experience itself. While blogging professionally, I have met wonderfully inspiring individuals who blog from the heart, sharing their life’s passion. Artists, farmers, business owners. They have inspired me. They are my teachers.

This, then, is my new blog, where I will chronicle my art projects and share the thoughts that come to mind as I delve more deeply into what I am really meant to be doing with this life.

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Today I launched my Etsy Shop and accompanying Facebook Page and Website (this Blog). I guess this means I have to treat this art of mine as a business now, take it seriously and give it the same diligent attention I give to the businesses for which I write professionally. Funny, it is almost as though I am becoming a grown up all of a sudden!

On my table, tonight, after I break for a light dinner and to entertain the cat and dog with their daily after-dinner play, three more messenger dolls take shape.

I ran out of the plain brown fabric I had used for the legs (boots), so I am using fabric with a design in it instead. Running out of a particular supply is not cause for alarm. It forces me to dig in and try something else, which in turn leads to new ideas.

Artist’s confession: I do not have a television (out of choice), but one of my favorite things to do in the evening is to sew while watching episodes of The Golden Girls, or Star Trek or a movie on the computer, from the corner of my eye. That time in the evening is one of the happiest.

Welcome to my home in the blogosphere. Thank you for stopping by.

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