Lightning Strikes Main Street, Jeffersonville

Tuesday, 3 pm

I had reluctantly turned off the computer in case of a surge. I also walked away from work in order to sit on the couch with the dog, who is terrified of thunder. And I love watching a good storm in silence.

After a while, I noticed how calm MacGregor had become, thinking that finally, at almost 7 years old, he was not afraid of thunder anymore. And at that moment…

… Mega, out-of-nowhere, heaven piercing KABOOOOOM! and huge wood shavings flying by my side window. I snapped these a few moments later, as the skies took their tantrum east after stomping the grounds and making a bold announcement over Main Street, Jeffersonville.

Notice the shaven trunk (green arrow) and piece of wood hanging from neighboring tree (yellow arrow).

6 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes Main Street, Jeffersonville

    1. Yes… as well as the smell of burning wood. I wish I had actually seen the lightening bolt. It had to be spectacular. I did not realize this at the time, but there are pieces of wood over 60 feet away from the tree. Thank you for stopping by!

  1. I was cleaning Saruba’s stall just as that front was moving in. Made a couple dashes to the compost pile thinking, “maybe this isn’t such a good idea”. Next time, I’ll leave off the “maybe” and heed the rest. Thanks for yet another blog taken to heart!

    P.S. – How’s MacGregor??

    1. Yes, do stay safe. I’m sure Saruba was not running around either. 🙂 Macgregor is OK. For some reason there was really a shift in him with yesterday’s storm. he did not even move from his share when there was thunder earlier today. Normally he would be at my feet. Thanks for reading.

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