NEW! A little pocket with heart

It was almost a month ago that I walked in Ornament Studio with the Wedding Pouch that would inspire today’s addition to my collection. It was Silvio who suggested I add a lanyard. I immediately liked the idea.


The heat is unbearable outside, but the light is good for taking pictures, with assistance from Marley, on this occasion. I did not see her sneak by, at first. She had been resting quietly, stretched out near a fan. As I positioned myself over the pockets, one began to move slightly. I switched my attention to the bigger picture, beyond the camera, and there was the cause of this ghostly occurrence.

I so looked forward to finishing these. Everything takes shape one step at a time, usually in the evening, after my writing assignments are completed and I feel confident that I have done good work and can now relax into my own projects.

Like the Wedding Pouch, it opens simply, without a clasp. The top of the heart folds over to keep its contents from falling out. Available at Ornament Studio. $25. Approximately 5″ x 5″.

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