Llama transformation & I love consignment!

On the art side… I just completed one more heart purse for Ornament Studio and cut out parts for a new project. Then, there’s the llama who dreamed of being a sheep and is getting his wish, though admittedly he appeared rather shocked, as you can see, once I explained that this involved a neck shortening operation.

The operation was a success and the ex-llama, now sheep, is resting and drying peacefully. One cannot rush these things. Air will do the job in due course while I tend to other projects, and this is a good time to pause and discuss consignment.

When I started working on small art projects and considering selling them in gift shops, an acquaintance took me aside and adamantly instructed, “Never, ever do consignment. Shop owners will not respect you if you do consignment. They need to pay for your work so they treat it like it has value.” I’ve been doing consignment ever since! Let’s just say that I tend to go with my gut feeling.

It just makes sense to me. Gift shop owners buy a lot of their inventory and can have huge overhead. If they enjoy my artwork, it makes perfect sense to me to provide some inventory at no cost and simply collect monthly on whatever sales they’ve had. Consignment is mutually beneficial.

1. Shops get additional inventory to sell at no upfront cost.

2. I make sure I keep them supplied and adapt the types of items depending on popularity so they and I can do well.

3. If, over a period of time, their clientele does not seem interested, I remove my items and neither they nor I have lost any money.

Love consignment too? If you’re located within a 60-mile radius of Jeffersonville, VT, let’s talk! If you’re located outside of this radius, let’s talk some more!

Have a look at the wee Collection.

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