Flowers, flowers everywhere. It feels like I have been cutting out and sewing petals for days. Funny how a simple, spur-of-the moment idea can blossom.


This is the “current project” box I place on my table in the evening, when I return to the art side of this story after the scribing is done. Lately, I’ve been listening to TED talks as I work. This portion of the day begins around 8 pm and goes on until midnight, though I find it difficult to call it quits then. I get in a zone, I suppose. They say this is a sure sign that you are on the right path. Indeed, it is good to not feel lost.

I initially made a few flowers to test this product at Ornament Studio. Then, I brought one to Brown Dog Books & Gifts and set out to build a small inventory for both venues. But I can never get there. When someone sees a flower, they buy a couple right off my hand and the fresh crop dwindles down.

Last weekend, I was on my way to taking pictures for 158 Main while they set up for a wedding reception and I decided to wear one of these brooches. I rarely, if ever, wear what I make. It feels like bringing attention to my work. I am not comfortable with this, but I just felt more like me with a flower that day, so I gave in. Quick trip across the street to check in with the crew before leaving for the wedding venue. The flower caught an eye, then another. Within 5 minutes of walking through the door, I sold two from the batch I had just completed the night before.

Wednesday already. Now I’m trying to catch up, again. Just a few more and I can move on to the next item. I am hoping to bring a small inventory (not just flowers) to Brown Dog Books this weekend. Maybe I will have to push a bit past midnight for a couple of days!

Go figure. The simplest things.

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