Blarney & Oratio’s new perch

1104131530-01Meet Blarney and Oratio…

Or is it Oratio and Blarney? Each perched on its box, ready to guard whatever treasure might be placed within. But you could see in their eyes that this, perhaps, was not their destiny.

“I could have been an opera singer,” shared Blarney with his friend one night, while no one was in the shop.

“I studied to be an orator, you know,” replied Oratio. “Diplomas just don’t mean anything anymore, I suppose,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the human who had created the paper feathered pair (that would be me) noticed something was amiss and felt inspired.

“Do you think we are being demoted?” asked Oratio as the pair lay on their sides one day, after being removed from their respective boxes.

“No. I feel a song coming on,” said Blarney. “This means good change is on the horizon.”

And so it is that Blarney was right and now the birds stand proudly on new pedestals, more suitable to their true nature.


“I feel a speech coming on,” exclaimed Oratio. “Hear me, fellow art forms,” he began. “A new light shines upon us today. We are not objects. We are someone’s vision and someone’s gift.” Then, he paused to contemplate the world from his new perch.

Blarney and Oratio currently reside at Ornament Studio. Both look forward to the next grand chapter in their lives.

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