NEW Product Line

Boxes pile up on my shelves. I’ve reorganized these several times by now. Let go? Not a chance. There is a reason for each and every one of these, a new life. When the time is ripe.


The time is ripe.

All of these come from a single source: the Williston Goodwill Store. I stop there at least once a month and walk straight to the housewares section where my eyes grow wide as I stumble upon one treasure box after another. I have one rule: I can only spend $3 per box. I do not want to charge an arm and a leg for these once they are transformed.


Last week, I came upon this teapot style box. The drawers were still filled with tea bags. Was it the unusual shape, or just the mood of the day? I do not know, but I could readily envision what it might look like.

Last night, I turned on the radio and worked all evening. This was an entirely improvised project and the remaining boxes will be transformed on a whim as well. Got any box in need of a new style?


8 1/2″ W x 8 1/2″ H x 4″ D – At Ornament Studio – $25

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