Words on a whim – 12/8/13

Yesterday, I used this space to examine my thoughts about developing a fitting voice for this blog. This morning, I decided that daily, spontaneous entries would be a fitting exercise. After all, I did choose “Whimsical art and words on a whim” as my tagline.

So here is my first morning rambling…


I had a habit of getting to work and sipping coffee for several hours prior to fixing something to eat. Over time, I found that I was irritable in the morning, so I moved the morning sustenance to an earlier time. That took care of that. Today, I am enjoying a hard-boiled egg on country bread, a sliced apple and my daily Shredded Wheat with honey and sunflower seed. I tend to eat the same breakfast for months, until a new craving modifies the menu.

Scots magazines sit on the corner of my table, teasing me. This was an impromptu gift from Heather, my sister-in-law. It will help me focus and feed my dream of returning home for a visit in the Spring. I have no idea how I might manage this, but I know that things tend to materialize when we put good thought energy into them, so I am open to unexpected opportunities.

I spent the evening sewing cuffs on a new winter coat I bought for MacGregor. His current coat is nice, but too thin for our evermore biting winter air. Part of me feels that putting a coat on a dog is tacky, but who cares. He puts it on willingly and it does provide added warmth. That is what matters. I made the cuffs with old wool socks I had kept from Roderick. I have two pairs, so I am happy to share one with his son. The other pair keeps me warm on cold nights, even with the heal all the way up my calf. Why don’t they make more dog coats with cuffs? Makes no sense at all.

I skipped my workout this morning and went to the laundromat with the bed sheets and shower towels and a few sweaters instead. I enjoy the hour I sit there with a coffee and book, a couple of times a month. When I return, I plop the warm clothes on the bed and MacGregor spends hours buried in them. Simple pleasures of the canine sort.

Time for a few more household chores.


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