Words on a whim – 12/13/13

Friday the 13th. Not a cause for concern at this end. An opportunity for creative content for my client’s social media pages instead. So, today was fun.

I learned that noodles, fish and pork are considered to be lucky foods. Uncut noodles are linked to increased longevity and a German belief consists in placing fish scales in one’s wallet to ensure wealth. Pork is believed to bring wealth as well. Traditionally, it is associated with good fortune since owning a fattened pig means nourishment is at hand.

ps - 1213 - lumiere

I still have much to do this evening. I want to finish a few more heart pouches to replenish my display at Ornament Studio. And, after a week of filling this blog with many words I think a pause is in order.

In any case, I have been meaning to share the following video clip. I find it mesmerizing. The filming was ordered by the brothers Lumière and took place around the world between 1896 and 1900, including New York, Paris and Barcelona. Music: Gymnopedie  No.1, by Erik Satie. ~ Slàinte!

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