Words on a whim – 12/19/13

Another mild day. And a good day for a drive. I had to run an errand in St. Albans. It took some time away from the keyboard, but then again it forced me to clear my mind for a few moments.

Over the past year, someone put up four windmills on a small hill between Fairfax and St. Albans. It is always a delight to see these graceful giants. I know there is much controversy around this type of contraption, but this does not take anything away from their beauty… although I realize the word beauty may not be agreeable to everyone either.

ps - 1219 - windmill

When I see these, I think of Roderick and I smile. He was so fascinated by alternative means of living and producing energy. I can easily imagine how he would have reacted to seeing them for the first time during one of our drives.

He would have changed our heading immediately, to take a road in their direction instead, and he would have looked for someone to speak with. Roderick could approach anyone that way. He was simply, genuinely interested in what people were up to.

While in Texas, we came upon two ridges featuring row upon row of windmills, turning gently on the horizon. Roderick immediately found his way to the base of the facility, which was clearly marked “Private,” but as usual they let him right in. Standing at the foot of these giants was mesmerizing. And he was so happy in that instant.

Now I realize that he had a great capacity for awe in spite of his struggles with depression. I do not believe my sense of awe is anywhere as defined as his was. I experience joy, but awe? Rarely. Except when I experienced it through him.

Then again, there is a good lesson here. Awe did not descend upon him out of thin air. He found his way to it; he took the turns in the road that lead to exploration. I confess that I have not expanded my horizons much in quite a while. This gives me much to ponder.

Perhaps that brief look at the windmills as I drive by now and again is enough. It is a glimpse, a nudge that connects me to a sense of wonder. Sometimes, all that is required is to walk away from the task at hand, or go for a short, unexpected drive. All that is required is a detour.

ps - 1219 - pouch

Silvio took a picture of an agate and silver swivel ring  on one of my beech leaf gift pouches today. That was pretty awesome!


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