Something for spring

Easter is around the corner, but spring is the true inspiration for this.

Winter has been long and, frankly, rather miserable. Ho, I tried and tried to uplift my mood every day, and succeeded most of the time, but weather gets to you no matter what. This is why bears hibernate, after all. Their bodies are responding to a natural internal clock.

We humans insist on “business as usual.” We disregard small nudges from some intelligent inner voice that asks, shyly, “Take a nap, slow down, stop for a moment, sleep longer…” All it takes, really, are small shifts in the usual routine. There is a reason we feel tired or uplifted with the ebb and flow of light, precipitations and seasons. It can be so simple. We are a creature who resists everything, even nature.

The sun came out today and actually produced enough heat to warrant removing a layer of sweaters. The shift occurred a couple of days ago, however, and in a moment of sudden ease, I pictured a dragonfly brooch. I expect to finish perhaps three more this evening.





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