Improv: Honey Jar Gift Pouch

The Holiday Season can unfold in unexpected ways. Some years, I’ve run out of inventory in the single shop where I had some work on display. Other years, I’ve questioned the sanity of trying to sell my work. In the end, I always come to the conclusion that my creative work is inevitable. I am drawn to it, no matter the outcome. In the long run, I believe this is the sanest path.

This week was uplifting and I will ride on its spirit for a long time. One of the special Holiday Llamas I delivered to Sweet Grass Gallery sold within 24 hours. That is the sort of outcome that makes every idea and effort to bring it to life worthwhile.

Paper Mache Llama

A few days ago, I received a request for a custom gift pouch for a 1 lb honey jar. In fact, I was asked to produce six of these. Not only that, but I was free to create them from the heart; without any constraint on design, shape, size or color.

That little spark of unconditional trust made the pouch appear in my mind’s eye with absolute clarity. I just could not wait to give it life. First, I went on a small road trip to purchase a honey jar of the actual size and shape so I could work around the real thing. Confession: I had indulged in many spoonfuls even before I cut any fabric.

I frequently stop at the Goodwill store to explore the linen department and inevitably find great treasures to use in future projects. I had just secured a beautiful floral print, as well as a classy red velvet remnant I knew I needed to set aside for a special project. I was not surprised one bit when, upon figuring out measurements for the six pouches, I discovered that these pieces of fabric provided the exact dimensions I needed, with little but an inch left over. Of course, this meant no room for error.

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I rarely draw a new item before I begin to create it. I prefer to explore it in the multi-dimensional space of my mind, especially if it is a functional object, like these pouches. This is what I put together after mentally assembling the various materials I felt would bring the honey pouches to life to my satisfaction.

The velvety base was designed to come up against the sides to add a cheerful accent. The twine is secured by a simple button in the back of the pouch. I chose a more ornate button for the front. A simple knot and bow suffice to secure the pouch around the honey jar. The twine is anchored under the front button, simply. The bouffant style conveys playfulness and a spirit of abundance and giving.

4 thoughts on “Improv: Honey Jar Gift Pouch

  1. You are a wonderful artist. I have admired your art for years now! How come I cannot pin your pictures to add to Pinterest? If you add the pin it button, your art will be seen by more people.

    1. Oops! You are right. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention and thank you for your kind words and advice. Happy New Year!

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