Valentine Hearts

Who would have thought.

When I was a child, if anyone had told me I would sew delicate Heart Shaped Gift Pouches For Valentines as an adult, I would have announced with absolute boldness and certainty, “Delicate heart pouches? This tom boy? Yeah, right.”

Creative expression is funny that way, it seems. Over time, it becomes a record of the changing soul. At least, this is my understanding. I have watched my selection of fabrics evolve from discreet, linear patterns to wild paisley and joyful, psychedelic designs. And florals… ah the power of florals!

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I recently stumbled upon the most stunning, second-hand, romantically floral pillow cases. Instantly, it was as though I had no choice. These were going to inspire the next generation of Valentine Heart Pouches. In fact, I saw these so clearly on the workbench of my mind that I could barely stop working until I had a first batch in hand.

As for the tom boy persona, it delighted in the process. The power of the heart symbol is undeniable and inevitable. In this world, I dare say, it is essential. Soothing. Uplifting. Hopeful.

Each pouch is entirely hand sewn and adorned with a silver cameo bead. Is it a female or male figure? Does it matter? It is a peaceful face, cheek exposed and ready for a gentle touch. It faces east. Did you know that a face turned to the right means, “Looking to the future?”

A small key unlocks possibilities. It is also a symbol of trust. These also provide the exact weight required to keep the flap down over the opening. Each pouch is 5″ high and 5 1/2″ across.

As for the contents, that is entirely up to you. Pouches are always ideal for jewelry, chocolate, charms, even love notes or a combination of these.

Love is playful. Place a clue in the pouch, directing your sweetheart to a larger gift. Love is universal. Use a Heart Shaped Gift Pouch when offering a gift to a parent, grandparent, sibling, mentor, good neighbor, shut-in senior, or your pet-sitter.


Arriving at Sweet Grass Gallery & Gifts on Saturday afternoon, January 16. Next stop: Whistle Emporium. Stay tuned.

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