Easter Bunny Treat Bag

Wednesday morning. It was not even 9 o’clock and I stood at the counter of our local pharmacy to purchase a bag of candy coated chocolate eggs.

“Hmm, that’s a good way to begin the day,” observed one of the employees with a playful smile. “It’s for a photo shoot,” I offered as a justification of sorts… “but I know I will eat the entire bag in no time.” I had to be honest.

I had sampled a handful before I set up the bowl for the first frame. Funny though. That was enough. In times of stress, I could easily down the entire bag, but this is different. I am cheerful.

The reasons are numerous. For one thing, spring is in the air. This off and on, dry and humid winter has been difficult and less than inspiring. All in all, though, my daily regimen of creative activity has been conducive to consistent good humor. This playful Easter Bunny Treat Bag begged to see the light of day precisely because of said good mood.

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I changed the design a few times before I was satisfied with the outcome. I made 24, to be divided among three gift shops.

Incidentally, I must get on the road to deliver these 6 Easter Bunny Treat Bags to the Whistle Emporium, in Hardwick. Tomorrow, I will deliver another batch to Sweet Grass Gallery & Gifts. As for the third batch… that must wait for a wee announcement.

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