Turtles in My Socks

I have a great little book for creative writing exercises. It has been a while since I’ve had a chance to use it and I’ve been thinking I must make time for it again. An opportunity for some truly spontaneous creative writing showed up on Facebook last night. I could not resist.

An acquaintance from town sent me a private message, just saying hello. I soon realized I was chatting with an impostor and I simply could not resist the sudden urge to play along… in my own way.  It took a while for “Whoever” to be rendered speechless. The exchange was short, but entertaining.

turtles in my socks

Whoever: Hello, how are you doing?

Me (not suspecting anything yet): Good evening ——–. Sorry I did not respond sooner. I was right in the middle of work when you wrote. Thanks for saying hello. How are you?

Whoever: Am doing good and very happy,so have you heard about the good news yet?

Me (getting suspicious): I could use some good news!!

Whoever: Did you hear I won money from facebook which the owner of facebook is doing for the Grant promo …

Me (thinking up a trick question): Wow! Good for you. So are you going to buy that house you’ve been looking at in Montana?

Whoever: I won $100.000.00 It was a randomly selected program through Facebook username and emails and have gotten mine did you get yours too?

Me (now I’m going for it): Yes. The sky is blue and there are turtles in my socks. However, grandma said it would rain tomorrow and she is building a concrete wall with her bare hands.

Whoever (clearly on auto-pilot): I suggest you should contact the claiming agent and get your win money like i did because i saw your name among the lucky winners when mine was delivered to my door step by the Fedex men.

Me: Oh I love the FedEx men. They always have tea with the Cheshire cat every Sunday after they go to Costco. Last week I saw a tall ship cross the street in front of the Dairy Queen. Were you there?


My final farewell: Well, that’s it for me. I have to return to liquid state before the insoles in my shoes change to pop tarts. I hate it when that happens. It was nice chatting with you. And PS: You still don’t get punctuation, do you?

Oh, I’m still laughing my turtle filled socks off just re-reading this. I hope I never grow up.

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