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Valentine Hearts

Who would have thought.

When I was a child, if anyone had told me I would sew delicate Heart Shaped Gift Pouches For Valentines as an adult, I would have announced with absolute boldness and certainty, “Delicate heart pouches? This tom boy? Yeah, right.”

Creative expression is funny that way, it seems. Over time, it becomes a record of the changing soul. At least, this is my understanding. I have watched my selection of fabrics evolve from discreet, linear patterns to wild paisley and joyful, psychedelic designs. And florals… ah the power of florals!

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I recently stumbled upon the most stunning, second-hand, romantically floral pillow cases. Instantly, it was as though I had no choice. These were going to inspire the next generation of Valentine Heart Pouches. In fact, I saw these so clearly on the workbench of my mind that I could barely stop working until I had a first batch in hand.

As for the tom boy persona, it delighted in the process. The power of the heart symbol is undeniable and inevitable. In this world, I dare say, it is essential. Soothing. Uplifting. Hopeful.

Each pouch is entirely hand sewn and adorned with a silver cameo bead. Is it a female or male figure? Does it matter? It is a peaceful face, cheek exposed and ready for a gentle touch. It faces east. Did you know that a face turned to the right means, “Looking to the future?”

A small key unlocks possibilities. It is also a symbol of trust. These also provide the exact weight required to keep the flap down over the opening. Each pouch is 5″ high and 5 1/2″ across.

As for the contents, that is entirely up to you. Pouches are always ideal for jewelry, chocolate, charms, even love notes or a combination of these.

Love is playful. Place a clue in the pouch, directing your sweetheart to a larger gift. Love is universal. Use a Heart Shaped Gift Pouch when offering a gift to a parent, grandparent, sibling, mentor, good neighbor, shut-in senior, or your pet-sitter.


Arriving at Sweet Grass Gallery & Gifts on Saturday afternoon, January 16. Next stop: Whistle Emporium. Stay tuned.

Gone Fishing

It is said that the fish represents eternity and knowledge. The symbol for eternity is a never-ending loop in the shape of a sideways figure eight. To me, this endless path represents endless opportunities to start over.

fish shaped gift and jewelry pouch

We see eternity as a sort of straight road that vanishes into an unfathomable distance. At least this is how I used to picture it, until today. The long, straight road image is far more fitting to knowledge, which is something we accumulate along the way, as we travel through life. Eternity is what allows us to back-track and bluntly jump into new dimensions of being. All it takes is a new choice and a start fresh.

I suspect this would look like this in a movie: Someone walks on a straight, sunny road, in search of meaning, experiences and connections. This person’s understanding of life and of what works for her, and what does not, changes with every step; every milestone. Suddenly, he stops. Close-up on the eyes. They are wide open. Cut to a wide angle. The person vanishes from his or her current position on the road and reappears miles behind. Close up on the ground. He takes a fresh, bold step. Direction, eternity. But the intention has changed.

fish shaped gift and jewelry pouch

I posted the fish pouch to my Etsy Shop today. As I considered its symbolism, I realized that person in the eternity road movie was me. Up until a few weeks ago, I was on my way somewhere, but the road was blurry and I walked halfheartedly. Suddenly, I stopped, as though I had known all along that I was lost, but could not admit it to myself until that moment. And wham! I vanished from the road and reappeared back where I was a year earlier, when I initially intended to make more room in my life for art.

So I started walking straight again. And the road is clear.