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Valentine’s Day. I am pretty sure I will find an excuse to indulge in some sweet pastry today.

I had breakfast with a good friend last weekend. We see each other maybe once a month. Our conversations are always a delight and getting to know this person is a blessing.

I may have spoken of her in a previous post. She used to be my supervisor at a time when I was quite unhappy and easily found fault with the world at large. In short, my last words to her were not the kindest. Nevertheless, I received a card weeks later, simply asking how I was doing. I was stunned. Talk about an act of forgiveness! Now, we are becoming friends and I honestly believe this will be a deeply cherished friendship. In fact, this is my opportunity to learn friendship.

When I was about to leave from our breakfast and chat, she offered to share her collection of CDs titled The Power, from the author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne. I have read The Secret and struggled a bit with it. The premise is interesting and true, so perhaps I was just not ready to absorb the message. This, however, is different.

The collection contains 5 CDs, read by the author. To hear her voice, speaking passionately about her personal understanding of basic, yet powerful life principles and choices, is utterly different from just reading the words. I am more open this time.

I speak of this because the essence of the message is love and how to apply the principle of love in all areas of life. As I listen, it amazes me that one spiritual master after another has shared the same message, for thousands of years, and we just don’t get it. I just don’t get it. It is so simple. It is just a choice. In each instant, choosing a perspective of love. This means all negative talk must cease.

The only way to do this is cold turkey, moment by moment. Any other course of action or thought is exhausting. The thought of choosing peace (love) first makes so much sense and feels so liberating. Perhaps I would not get it this time had I not first stumbled as much as I have.

This changes everything. It also changes how I work. I can see a direct link between this renewed interest in being a more loving person and an increase in my productivity, both with art work and writing. It just flows better.

Marley jumped on the couch as I set up to take photos of the Beech Leaf Brooch Pouches I recently finished. She reminds me of the importance of spontaneity. I suspect spontaneity is deeply linked with love. We stop being spontaneous every time we put a judgement in the way… and we judge ourselves as much as we judge others.




My father-in-law passed away a few hours after midnight. He lived well. He was tired and ready. I am glad for him.

Our lives are so linear. We take on roles and play our parts in the scenarios of our time, all the while much aware that the characters will change, leave and die, yet somehow thrown off course when this happens, as if it had not been written in the story already.

I don’t know why I think about this now more than before. I’ve had plenty of occasions. Many people have left my storyline unexpectedly, some by their own hand, some murdered and others by more natural means, yet it seems only now that I realize how it all vanishes in the blink of an eye, as if we were missing the point, somehow. I have no words, really. I am neither sad nor frightened. Simply trying to grasp something that cannot be grasped.

I sometimes imagine looking down on the earth with a giant magnifying glass, in fast forward, seeing families form, grow, struggle, fight, celebrate, mourn, work, achieve, fail, shop, go to school, to ball games, to holiday dinners, touching each other in so many ways, making world history with every action, however small, and then… one by one… just gone.

Somehow, somewhere along the way, we miss the point. The thing is, we have no idea what “the point” is, except that we become a memory, and without others even that is not possible. That is the point then: others.

Valentines’ Day approaches and making this a celebration of passion and love is not the point. It is about friendship. There is no love without friendship as a foundation. And without friendship, perhaps there are no true memories either.

Years ago, I felt discomfort when someone asked me to make items that were specific to a holiday, like Valentines’ Day for example. I even declined. I did not get it. I was blinded by a self-imposed ideal whereby I should not make “commercial” items. Perhaps when we’re blinded by what we think love is supposed to mean, or to be, we also cannot see the friendship that is the starting point and the real flame to entertain.

Now I see Valentines’ Day as an opportunity to acknowledge friends, whether they be lovers, parents, neighbors, children, teachers, mentors or even pets. And these things I make are simply meant as a gift to say, “You are not forgotten. Thank you for sharing this moment in my life.”


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