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Sometimes, I get discouraged

Einstein was so right (of course). Time is relative. We don’t run out of time; we simply omit to do the things that best fill our time, that give it meaning and substance. I am reminded of this often.

Time is built upon action. Postponing an action because we feel there is not enough time has one certain outcome: it robs that action of time.

I save my own writing and art work for the end of the day and the weekends, when my work for my clients is completed. Usually, like today, there are a few hours left to the day where I can fit in my own work and projects. In fact, there could be a lot more time left for my own stuff, but I can’t help myself, I put more time in my work for my clients than I tell them I will. This, to me, is worth my time. I lose myself in my work. I savor every moment. They say this is a sign of being on purpose with one’s calling. When I stop, I have a choice to remain on purpose or to disconnect. This choice can lead to an error in thinking.

I find I am most on purpose when I make time for it all: the work for clients, mine, and leisure, and this last item does not need to rob me of purposeful time. On the days when I let it, when I spend the evening watching documentaries or a movie instead of advancing my own projects, I waste precious time. On the days when I stop for dinner, perhaps with a good book, even for only a half hour, and then return to my projects, I enrich my time.

Lately, when I find myself able to make room for all that I wish to tackle during the day, I catch myself whispering in the back of my mind, “I did it!” with every small step I complete. I feel like I have been fully alive on those days. It does not matter if I did not finish everything. Finishing is not the goal; being and doing are the goals. I have come to realize that there is a sense of accomplishment in the small milestones much more than in any finished product.

An image comes to mind. I see the blacksmith of past centuries, hammering the iron against the anvil, dipping it the coals and hammering some more. Heating and hammering, incessantly, at a time when people learned a trade. Learning a trade is all about doing. It is about what takes place now. It is not about the goal, but about the actions that lead to a final result. If one focuses on the result, then the mind is consumed with getting done. If one focuses on the doing, the mind is intent on the moment. Savoring the process is a lost art.

I get discouraged if I focus on how much there is to start and finish. This perspective completely misses the doing part. Then, when  I walk across the street to pay a visit to Silvio at Ornament Studio – he who works with the focus of the goldsmith, intent on the process – I am reminded. And I am reminded when I step back and look at my display in his shop and remember that little by little, sometimes one hour a day, I did this!

Bonne Fête Silvio!

It’s Silvio’s birthday today and an appropriate time to thank him and Teresa for their creativity, kindness and friendship.

ps - 0523

Silvio, Teresa and the girls arrived in Jeffersonville in the Spring of 2008. We first met when I had brought a bookcase outside to sell and Silvio, who was setting up his studio in the Village Sampler building, walked across to see it. We immediately noticed each other’s French accent and began speaking in our native tongue.

Roderick, my husband, was still alive at the time. He liked Silvio immediately. I was not surprised. Both are extremely creative and good-natured. Silvio is an individual with an incredible mind. But, of course, those of you who know him know this also.

If I were asked to give an example of a person who is truly well-liked and respected in their community, and rightfully so, Silvio would come to mind instantly. This, too, goes without saying.

We became friends instantly and it is thanks to Silvio that I took part in the Festival of The Arts that summer and two more summers after this. It is in great part thanks to him and Teresa, also, that I was able to keep my act together when Roderick passed away.

Sometimes, it is the simple things that make all the difference. By inviting me to have a display in his shop, Silvio provided a reason and outlet for me to keep art as a significant part of my life. By including me in Holiday dinners, they took me out of isolation. And the girls’ smiles when I see them… wow! There is no sorrow in such moments; only well-being.

For over a year, Silvio crossed the street twice a day to take Roderick’s dog, MacGregor, out of the house for a moment while I was at work. I did not work from home at the time and this was a true blessing, for while I briefly considered the logistics of keeping a dog on my own, giving up on this creature Roderick and I had welcomed in our lives would not have been an emotionally sound choice. Silvio sacrificed time away from the workbench every day so that Mac could stay home and I could be worry-free while at work.

We joke a lot, in French, much like college kids talking nonsense and giggling. This silliness brought levity in my life at a time when everything could easily have fallen apart. It is not easy to lose a soul mate.

Every day, when I stop by Ornament Studio and when I write for Silvio’s blog, I see how much people in this community and abroad enjoy knowing him. This is the sort of person who, just by being himself, truly makes a difference in the world around him and I am so grateful to be lucky enough to call him friend.

Merci mon ami. Bonne fête!