My name is Paschal’Simon MacMurray. I am a Vermont artisan,  freelance writer, graphic artist, web designer, data manager, translator and administrative assistant.

I came to the US from Montreal in 1990, and became a citizen in 1998. I grew up among theater sets and stage actors. My father was a photographer and director of programing for Montreal’s Place des Arts. My mother was a stage and voice-over actress. And since you are wondering, I am a gal with a tomboy’s name.

As a child, I often introduced my friends to complex ideas for new board games or cardboard box machines reminiscent of a Star Trek bridge set. I also built go-carts for neighborhood kids and elaborate 3-D landscapes for toy animals and Hot Wheels cars. Creativity was at the center of my life.

I studied Arts, Communications and the Psychology of Visual Communication at Concordia University, in Montreal. I have since studied business and project management, technical writing, database design, social media ethics and marketing. I’ve been a theater properties master, gift shop manager, office manager, commercial and gift show display designer and records manager.

My collection of pouches and figurines evolves over time and is mostly inspired by the materials at hand; patterns, colors and shapes. Many of the materials ans supplies I use are recycled. This is my way of respecting the environment, and it allows me to price my art based on the act of creating it rather than on my cost. I think this is only fair. Every piece is unique. Designs vary slightly from one batch to another, depending on the materials at hand and the inspiration of the moment. I have a habit of giving away every first new item I create.

Thank you for stopping by. Please browse tabs above. Enjoy.

~ PS MacMurray