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A Can of Good Worms and a Cow

Little did I know, when I joined The Vermont Hand Crafters, last fall, that I was opening a wonderful “can of good worms.”

Normally, the mere mention of said can conjures up the possibility of imminent, overwhelming and dark challenges. While the word “overwhelming” is rather appropriate in this case, light, not darkness sets the tone.

The first bright challenge arrived after I had spent several months immersed (as much as possible) in building an inventory of paper mâché animals, gift pouches and brooches for prospect shops and galleries. A couple of clients for whom I had previously done some website design and social media management convinced me to return. I had promised myself, or so I thought, that I was done with that career path, but something in me could not resist.  I accepted.

No regrets. Now, I am enjoying this more than ever, and I am convinced that it is precisely because of my restored confidence in my art and commitment to it. I feel more complete now, somehow.

The overwhelming part comes into play at this point, and lies in the fact that I have received back to back invitations to join gift shops and galleries. This, in fact, has been effortless, and all thanks to my decision to splurge (for it was a splurge at the time) on a membership with The Vermont Hand Crafters. Doors are just opening before I even knock.

I am not saying that I expect this to be the norm, and I can only do so much anyway. The last several months have been a juggling act between two or three social media or web design gigs and making room every day to build an ongoing inventory that vanishes to a new venue the moment it is complete.

This is the newest batch… and a cow was born.

Good Things Happen To Those Who… Desire

Where was I? Sidetracked, in a twisted sort of way.

There comes a time when I need to step away. No. Let me rephrase that. There comes a time when silence takes over. I have learned that “silence” manifests in many ways and rhythms.

At times, it means walking away from social media for a while. At times, it only requires a morning journey to a distant Café for breakfast in front of a good book, surrounded by the chanting voices of strangers.

Funny, that I should be someone who manages Facebook accounts for a few businesses on a daily basis, yet I am so inconsistent with my own social campaign. But this is precisely the sort of on and off routine that opens my mind to envision what might be next. Perhaps I strive on waves rather than ongoing passion.

Good things happen to those who wait. I am learning that there is a difference between procrastination and silent expectation. The difference in intention. More than that: the difference is desire.

Desire attracts results. That is clear to me now. Doors open; two doors so far, with two more on the horizon and a fifth through which I am about to take a giant step. More on that when it happens!

My days are full, always concluding with several hours of inventory building. New ideas flow that I might have brushed away years ago, when I lacked desire and confidence. At my age… it’s about time.

On my table, these days… a fresh batch of small gift pouches, because they sell like hot cakes, and the beginnings of something new, just in the nick of time for Easter.

Gotta get back to work…

easter project