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Gone Fishing

It is said that the fish represents eternity and knowledge. The symbol for eternity is a never-ending loop in the shape of a sideways figure eight. To me, this endless path represents endless opportunities to start over.

fish shaped gift and jewelry pouch

We see eternity as a sort of straight road that vanishes into an unfathomable distance. At least this is how I used to picture it, until today. The long, straight road image is far more fitting to knowledge, which is something we accumulate along the way, as we travel through life. Eternity is what allows us to back-track and bluntly jump into new dimensions of being. All it takes is a new choice and a start fresh.

I suspect this would look like this in a movie: Someone walks on a straight, sunny road, in search of meaning, experiences and connections. This person’s understanding of life and of what works for her, and what does not, changes with every step; every milestone. Suddenly, he stops. Close-up on the eyes. They are wide open. Cut to a wide angle. The person vanishes from his or her current position on the road and reappears miles behind. Close up on the ground. He takes a fresh, bold step. Direction, eternity. But the intention has changed.

fish shaped gift and jewelry pouch

I posted the fish pouch to my Etsy Shop today. As I considered its symbolism, I realized that person in the eternity road movie was me. Up until a few weeks ago, I was on my way somewhere, but the road was blurry and I walked halfheartedly. Suddenly, I stopped, as though I had known all along that I was lost, but could not admit it to myself until that moment. And wham! I vanished from the road and reappeared back where I was a year earlier, when I initially intended to make more room in my life for art.

So I started walking straight again. And the road is clear.

New pendant pouch

These were completed last night, with America’s Got Talent on the computer screen, in the background. Guilty pleasure.

For some reason, I find this show utterly uplifting. To see ordinary folks who have the courage to take a step in the direction of their joy and dream is a lesson in itself. Only one person or group wins, but in the end it is a giant collective win for personal integrity, creativity and self-esteem. For me, it puts things in perspective.

Alright, so I confess that I work faster on the days I work in silence, but I have come to realize that I also do my best work when I create the most inspiring setting for the mood of the moment. Last night, that meant a bit of talent show on the side.

The pendant pouch is one of my favorite things to make and it is one of my top sellers. I’ve made some with clasps, but somehow I find this design, with a weighed down ribbon-pull that slides through a button, has a unique personality and charm.

Mine is the resting place for a small stone Roderick picked out of the River Tilt for me, in Scotland. For others, the pendant pouch holds a small data stick or keys. Some people have told me they use it to keep a folded prayer and others place a small piece of fabric doused with aromatherapy essential oil inside. Many are used as a gift pouch for jewelry.

Pouch Dimensions: 3″ x 1 3/4″. One size fits all.

Available at Ornament Studio. All pendant pouches are only $15.