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Human Beings are Makers, by Katie Spring

Living and being alive are two different things. “Being” is an action word. Being is about building the self and building others up in the process, ideally. I cannot come even close to saying it as well as it is conveyed in what follows.

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The author, Katie Spring, and her husband, Edge, own and operate Good Heart Farmstead, in Worcester, VT. Katie also keeps a blog. As you will see, she is a great observer of life and the human spirit.

She begins a recent article with a reference to an interview with poet Frank Bidart where he was asked, “The word making for you is a crucial word…For your poetic vision it’s more than an aesthetic endeavor; it means more than mere creativity, does it not?

What follows is an excerpt from the poet’s response, and equally poetic and profound observations from KSpring, as she calls herself. “For the past few months, I have been walking a tightrope between two realities, living in the space between what society dictates is true and what I know to be true…” she begins. “How am I to be a responsible citizen if I am acting as a dumbed-down version of myself?” she asks.

I cannot possibly convey the power of her observations merely with excerpts, and hope that this strikes a chord with you so that you will click over to the Goodheart Farmstead blog at once to read her full article. Enjoy.

PS: Thank you, KSpring, for sharing your wisdom.

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Lightning Strikes Main Street, Jeffersonville

Tuesday, 3 pm

I had reluctantly turned off the computer in case of a surge. I also walked away from work in order to sit on the couch with the dog, who is terrified of thunder. And I love watching a good storm in silence.

After a while, I noticed how calm MacGregor had become, thinking that finally, at almost 7 years old, he was not afraid of thunder anymore. And at that moment…

… Mega, out-of-nowhere, heaven piercing KABOOOOOM! and huge wood shavings flying by my side window. I snapped these a few moments later, as the skies took their tantrum east after stomping the grounds and making a bold announcement over Main Street, Jeffersonville.

Notice the shaven trunk (green arrow) and piece of wood hanging from neighboring tree (yellow arrow).